Meetings Industry in Kaunas

Market research of international conference participants on the example of Erasmus+ International Week 2018 in Kauno Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences

Data wydania: 2019

Wydawca: AWF Katowice

ISBN 978-83-64036-98-9

Autor: Krzysztof Cieślikowski, Andrius Brusokas

There is growing interest of conference meetings in the world, under influence of economic development, dynamic changes in politics, and growing competition of cities (and using meetings as attractive promotional forms). The conferences are very interesting products many companies in the destination of the conference. Total number of meetings in the world reached new record results by ICCA and UIA reports (the most important organizations collecting data of the meetings market) in 2017. Countries and cities from developed

economies are on begging of leaders in the reports. There is the diversity of forms of conference meetings. It allows supposing that international conference meetings, also scientific ones, are important tourist products of smaller cities, too.

The European Union, through its organizational structures and various departments, creates great opportunities to co-finance various activities aimed at developing relationships and exchanging knowledge. It is the great possibility to use different funds for bigger motilities scientists on international market, to participate in many conferences. Erasmus+ is the EU's project to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Its budget of €14.7 billion will provide opportunities for Europeans to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad.

Set to last until 2020, Erasmus+ has great opportunities for developing students, teachers, scientists and universities, cities, companies. More than 200 Erasmus + International Week conferences have been registered every year since 2014 (in 32 countries, including EU and outside). The most meetings of this type are held in: Spain, Germany, Poland and Portugal. In Lithuania, 37 have already been registered. Kaunas is a city that is not the administrative capital of the country, but at the same time a significant academic center (10 universities, over 30,000 students) in Lithuania. Recognizing the needs of participants of international conference meetings, especially scientific ones, seems to be important for improving the process of tourist services in the city. Participants in such meetings are significant people in their organizations, opinion leaders, involved in the conference participation process and open to new contacts. They are an excellent medium for the promo-tion of the city, universities and other entities involved in the process of their service.

Erasmus+ International Week organized by Kauno Kolegija in March 2018, was one of the international scientific conferences in Kaunas. Over 90 people participated in it (including 57 from abroad, from 18 countries, from 29 different research centers).

Such events may be significant for the development of business tourism in Kaunas or for the promotion of the city, especially on international markets.

Table of contents


1 Kaunas - an attractive destination for conference meetings and business events

2 Basic definitions and concepts

3 The specific of research of conference meeting type Erasmus+ International Week

3.1 Research methodology

3.2 Characteristics of Erasmus+ International Week conference meetings

4 Results of the survey of foreign participants of the Erasmus International Week at Kauno Collegium in 2018 and their analysis

4.1 Characteristics of the research sample

4.2 Conference activity of surveyed delegates

4.3 Identification of the main motivations for participation in the Erasmus + International Week at Kauno Kolegija

4.4 Evaluating the Erasmus + International Week in Kauno Kolegja by delegates from abroad in 2018



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